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He people thank you for visiting ! Please take a look at my new domain to view my new updates.
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-Marcel Vos


Youtube is one of the best sources for learning, procrastination,music and creativity. But I often use it to get instant motivation. Today I will reveal you some videos that I use to get motivation to go out and work out!

Since Nike is my favourite  sports brand, my favourite athletes are sponsored by the company and they just make the best commercials. I  use their well designed ads for motivation.

Michael Jordan in my opinion the greatest athlete  ever. period (or at least since my birth)in this video he excuses for being awesome and  tells his ‘students’ to work hard and don’t make excuses


Another athlete I admire is Lance Armstrong he did not only  survived cancer, he also has the commitment to help others by talking to leaders after mountain stages of the Tour De France. He you can see  two a Nike/ LAfoundation ads of LA training.

As a marketing student these Nike ads also inspire me to work hard on my study. The copy seems so easy but it is so effective, the texts are great, Armstrong and Jordan send big messages with little words. and messages like: Write the future, become legendary and Just Do It have so much power.

So Just Do It

-Marcel Vos

You probably recognize this: You are on your work or on school and you find a very interesting article you love to read, but you do not have time now. If you are like me you are never going to find it again. A solution to this is to get a RSS reader and subscribe to the RSS feed of that particular but there is a better solution in town:

Read It Later (RIL)

If you don’t have time to read your article you just hit the button ‘read it later in your bookmark bar and RIL will save the article. By subscribing to the RSS feed of RIL you can read your one read wonders later when you have time.. Dont have RSS (Get it then) you can also find your articles on your RIL profile…

So subscribe to Read it later.

-Marcel Vos

Another marketing masterclass by NIKE! together with heroblogger Nalden they made a video a journey to promote their re-introduced maxim sneaker . I love it how they made a tilt-shift time-lapse movie of Amsterdam to kick off the journey. The whole trip from Nalden showed how permission marketing works, true nike fans just want to watch to video’s made by Nike.

Currently I am busy making pictures to fake miniatures as well, you can do this as well by just going here of check out a Photoshop or Gimp tutorial for an even better result.

Have fun

Marcel Vos

One of the best series ever is without a doubt the A-team. When I heard that they were going to make a movie about it I was really scared that they would ruin the A-team. But thankfully it was A-WESOME! They should make the director Joe Carnahan in charge of all series that make it to the white screen! Can he please make a remake of the dukes of hazard, the fist attempt sucked!

But nothing beats the original.

If you have a problem and no one else can help, and you can find them. Maybe you can hire: THE A-TEAM!

-Marcel Vos


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O people I love time lapse video’s, as most you might know it is a movie made by 1000’s of picture’s. Just like the flipbooks we all made when we were young! One of my first posts of this blog was about the danish pavilion for the Shanghai world expo. I was so excited when i saw i time lapse movie on the cool site Artist Seppe van Grieken made this beautiful movie. I love it when two things come together.

-Marcel Vos

A little late, but maybe it is a nice gift for your next years valentine. No more dirty chemical strawberry lip gloss taste in your mouth anymore when you’re kissing your valentine.

Heineken is really serving the world.