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Hey fellow students,

When i started on highschool, internet just became common. Since the teachers were rather old and not very techology savvy, the only thing to do for making a paper was “ctrl c” a wikipedia page, ”ctrl v” it in word and ”ctrl p” it. DONE! (they didnt even thought that the blue subtitles were a little big suspicious)

As we all know that is not possible anymore (not in civilized countries at least), but maybe thats just better. Ofcourse their are still some awesome features on the internet that make the life of students a little bit easyer. These are the one i like to use.

A cool feature of LinkedIn are the groups. I use them when i have a project and need expertise from the real expert. So when you do a project and you need info from the pro’s join a group of experts and ask a question. People on LinkedIn will be eager to help you!

With RSS you can read hundreds of blogs, so if you want to keep up with the news or experts in your field of study use rss, you could just add a few nice blog follow them and delete them if you dont like them anymore or if they aren’t good. Following good blogs can be more valuable than a lot of you lectures.

Besides following blogs, it is interesting to blog yourself. Just blog about what you think or what you learn. Personal branding is becoming really important. So just put your blog url on you resume and impress the HR managers with you knowledge

The best programm for notetaking in class, Evernote even recongnize the text in pictures. So maybe you dont even have to make notes anymore. Just make a picture of the whiteboard with you cellphone upload it to Evernote and tagg it. The cool thing that this service is ”on the cloud” and on you desktop so if you make note with your tiny netbook you can download them to your desktop computer and IPhone.

Free books
Use it to find free pdf’s of you studybooks. ofcourse you want to have hard copies of a lot of books. but this might be great for the recommended reading books. so just google free pd ”booktitle”
Windows live workingspaces/Google docs

Fences is a cool tool that unclutteres you desktop. You can group all you document in on fence and scroll. Double click on the desktop twice and all your shortcuts will be gone, so you can see the picture on your desktop.

Google desktop
This is AWESOME, you will never lose a digital document anymore. Download google desktop and you can find everything back. Another cool thing is that you dont need structured directories anymore. You just tag your docs and you will find it back everytime

I will keep you up-to-date with this topic.



Just one example. A while ago I bought myself a copy of the book ”the social media bible’.’ When I started reading, I twittered: reading the social media bible. When i checked twitter later i got a message back from Lon Safko, the author of the book. Thats the power of twitter. Twitter connects 😀

Update: my twitter is @marsvos

Hello world!

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