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One of the few websites I really read withouth using a RSS feed reader (the other ones are:, best designed website in the world, and The guys from the website blog about all cool remarkeble design things in the world. a few categories are: commercials,fashion,architecture and store and office design.
But what really cought my attention is this:

This Maccy D brand experience is created by Acces agency an agency of the coolhunting that extend brand image on a very cool and innovation way. The luxory McD’s may pop up at fashion weeks. How cool would it be to get your cheeseburger in a Louis Vuitton container served by a waiter in tuxedo? Props for Acces agency and

Check out this cool wi-fi ad by MaccyD:



And i love TED (no im not gay) TED is a conference were the most influencive people of the world hold speeches. Since their slogan is: Ideas worth spreading, the videos are online.

This is one of my favourites:

The danish architecture Bjarke Ingels makes really cool environmental friendly architecture. He also designed the awesome Danish pavilion for the world exhebition. There are free bicyles for rent at the pavilion and the real anderson mermaid will be there.

Awesome Things

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One of the most awesome blogs of the web. This canadian guys makes a list of all small awesome things in the world. They are counting down from 1000 to one. They are far from number one on the moment of writing, but I could tip number one:

Drinking a cold beer after doing something challenging: AWESOME

Visit the site for more awesome things 🙂

Another awesome site: