The Coolhunter

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

One of the few websites I really read withouth using a RSS feed reader (the other ones are:, best designed website in the world, and The guys from the website blog about all cool remarkeble design things in the world. a few categories are: commercials,fashion,architecture and store and office design.
But what really cought my attention is this:

This Maccy D brand experience is created by Acces agency an agency of the coolhunting that extend brand image on a very cool and innovation way. The luxory McD’s may pop up at fashion weeks. How cool would it be to get your cheeseburger in a Louis Vuitton container served by a waiter in tuxedo? Props for Acces agency and

Check out this cool wi-fi ad by MaccyD:


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