Diesels new smart campaign: Be stupid

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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In the new diesel campaign that features print en and a viral movie, diesel worships being STUPID.According to yours truly Diesel makes the coolest campaigns (together with coke who issued an awesome viral). And this campaign kicks a(d)ss! I think this rock star mindset of being stupid and listen to the hart instead of the brains fits good with Diesels rock star and street image.

I don’t really dig the viral, I don’t think that people will spread it, but it is a nice way of explaining the idea of the campaign.

The print campaing is fabulous though! Especially the copywriters did a good job, here you see some examples:

Why does the campaign fits so good with Diesel? They say it in the campaing:

Stupid aint dumb  whereas stupid is being the guy in 1978 in a Ford Transit driving around and visiting shop owner after shop owner trying to convince them to sell brand new denim pants made to look worn.(ofcourse the start up problems of diesel owner Renzo rosso)

For the campaign video, catalogus and the prints visit diesel.com


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