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Seriously everybody loves google, but nerds love google even more today.. The talk of the Facebook town is about the playable Google pacman doodle today.

Did you know that Google Doodle is the official name for the Google logo, and that only one person named Dennis Hwang designes the Google Doodle. He was an intern at Google in 2001 and Sergey wring and Lenny Page the legen *wait for it* dary founders of Google asked him to create a logo for Bastille day. Since hen he created around 50 Google Doodles a year!

Pacman is the first game I played, on my mothers laptop. In I think 1998 I started to play computer games and  I stopped after Super Mario Bros and Prince of Persia 1. A lot of things have changed since than….. Crazy!

So go to the Google home page and play some Pac-man. OLDSKOOL! But do it before midnight on Friday.

For the ones who missed it, schade!, here is a screenshot.

Ps, I love that they changed the  I am feeling lucky button  into Insert cash (note:in the screenshot you see the dutch translation)


Steve jobs gives some fine life and career advice to the graduates of Stanford: Find something you love!

Seth Godin’s wisdom

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My favourite marketing blogger, Seth Goding posted a great entry about bus companies. He uses this a a reference to all big dull corporate companies with bad client relationship management.

“We all have a vision of the typical bus company, slowly moving people from place to place, going through the motions and showing a lot of fatigue.

Some of the elements that make an organization feel like a bus company:

  • Aging equipment in need of a functional and design refresh
  • Tired staff, punching the time clock
  • By the book mentality, with no room for humanity or initiative
  • Treating all customers the same (poorly) and knowing (and caring) little or nothing about them
  • Acting like a monopoly, with no easy substitutes in sight
  • Lack of eye contact (between employees or customers)
  • Attitude that tomorrow will be just like today
  • No one to complain to, and if you persist, you’ll get a form letter

American Airlines has officially become a bus company, without a doubt. On a recent non-flight (it got canceled) all of these elements occurred. Only one (1) act of human initiative would have made a huge difference.

More and more, I’m seeing bus company behavior from previously great organizations. It’s a symptom of companies (and cultures) under long-term stress. These are all traits that occur when you allow standards to erode, when you embrace the status quo and when management gives up. You don’t need lots of money or squadrons of people to change this, you just need to care.

Ironically, there are new bus companies that are proving that there’s always a way to avoid this fate.”

Seth Godin, is my marketing GURU, he wrote several very interesting books in a couple days I will give a review of his book ‘ the purple cow’ about modern marketing and being remarkable as a brand. In the meantime just read his blog or read some of the books and manifests he published for free on the internet.

Smart alcohol marketing

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In the summer of 2007 I went to the KONE International Youth Camp, which is a sponsored international camp in Finland. All expenses were paid for the children of KONE (Elevators, Escalators etc.) employees. On this wonderful trip I met a lot of nice people and also I spotted two trends.

On a party with a lot of punkers and other pierced people, the girls were wearing all kinds of ciders, and the boys were drinking a mix of home brewed Vodka (alcohol is way to expensive in north europe) with some kind of a sharp pastille with salmiak taste. Since I liked the guys drink, i tried to make it in at home in Holland as well. I used Fishermen’s friend pastilles and cheap vodka’s. On several parties this drink made a lot of guys vomit.

Last year, Heineken successfully introduced JILLZ, This apple cider in a bottle became the terrace hit of Holland in the summer of 2009.

But I was more inspired that the success of my drink inspired the people behind Flugel to make a pre mixed drink of it:

They call it Firemen I’m sure it’s going to be a success, the next time i see it in a liquor store I will definitely try it!

Speaking about Flugel, they are probably some of the best sales people in the world. For the ones who don’t know, they sell a vodka-raspberry energy drink mix in a shooter sized bottle. The thing is that a ten pack cost approximately 10 Euro in a liquor store and the bottles are around 2 Euro’s in a bar! For a real shooter this is not bad, but Flugel only consists 10 percent alcohol. This is approximately the same percentage as a white wine. A ten pack of Flugel has the same amount of liquid, 200 Ml, as one glass of wine. The price per liter is then 50 euro, So it is as expensive as a very very good wine. The marketing people of Flugel created so much extra premium value that they can make a very  low alcohol mix that is 1000 percent more expensive as regular wine!!

This price different, is mainly due to they genius marketing efforts, they hand out o lot of merchandise for free in bars, and they sponsor a lot of events, especially everything that has to do with Apres-ski!

Last year i found a great guerilla marketing campaign from Jaegermeister.

A cage was placed in the middle of a street in Amsterdam, between the cage and the liquor store there was a path of destruction. The Jaegermeister display window was broken, and the people were on the street were flabbergasted. Of course this was a guerilla marketing stunt that perfectly fits with the new pay-off: Unleash the beast..

Overall can be said that Liquor companies are just the best marketeers, the funniest ads in the world are most often by beer companies, and liqour companies are great in creating trends. One year Breezer is super cool and the next year BreEzah means the same as slut.