Playable pacman google doodle! Crazy…

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Seriously everybody loves google, but nerds love google even more today.. The talk of the Facebook town is about the playable Google pacman doodle today.

Did you know that Google Doodle is the official name for the Google logo, and that only one person named Dennis Hwang designes the Google Doodle. He was an intern at Google in 2001 and Sergey wring and Lenny Page the legen *wait for it* dary founders of Google asked him to create a logo for Bastille day. Since hen he created around 50 Google Doodles a year!

Pacman is the first game I played, on my mothers laptop. In I think 1998 I started to play computer games and  I stopped after Super Mario Bros and Prince of Persia 1. A lot of things have changed since than….. Crazy!

So go to the Google home page and play some Pac-man. OLDSKOOL! But do it before midnight on Friday.

For the ones who missed it, schade!, here is a screenshot.

Ps, I love that they changed the  I am feeling lucky button  into Insert cash (note:in the screenshot you see the dutch translation)


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