How to use a song for marketing

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Currently the Coca Cola song/official Worldcup song Wave the flag is a hit in the Netherlands. This proves the power of using music, every time I hear Who ho ho ho lalalala on the radio I think about Coca-Cola. That’s what I call free promotion. I also give the FIFA and Coca-Cola marketing kudos for incorporating the song with the Coca-Cola commercial, clever thinking!

The commercial

The song

It made me think about other successful songs which still reminds me of another successful campaign

KPN holland largest Telecom provider and former state-owned enterprises used Heya from Outcast. Outcast was still an outcast in The Netherlands and nobody knew about it. The song became famous via the ad and all radio station were broadcasting it. Guess where every body was thinking about when they heard the song?

Besides the use for succesful campaigns the opposite can happen as well. During big sport events like the World cup and The olympics the NOS  broadcasts the Sportzomer (Sport summer) the last two version really boomed two songs: One night from One night only and a Chinese song. I am really looking forward which nice hopefully South-African song they will pick this year!

Overall what i think is important when using a song for your campaign is originality, both Heya and Wave you flag have a very remarkable new sound and grab the attention. Moreover introducing a new artist will connect that artist forever to your brand, imaging you used a song of the beatles in their early days!!



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