Instant inspiration and motivation: Youtube Videos

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Youtube is one of the best sources for learning, procrastination,music and creativity. But I often use it to get instant motivation. Today I will reveal you some videos that I use to get motivation to go out and work out!

Since Nike is my favourite  sports brand, my favourite athletes are sponsored by the company and they just make the best commercials. I  use their well designed ads for motivation.

Michael Jordan in my opinion the greatest athlete  ever. period (or at least since my birth)in this video he excuses for being awesome and  tells his ‘students’ to work hard and don’t make excuses


Another athlete I admire is Lance Armstrong he did not only  survived cancer, he also has the commitment to help others by talking to leaders after mountain stages of the Tour De France. He you can see  two a Nike/ LAfoundation ads of LA training.

As a marketing student these Nike ads also inspire me to work hard on my study. The copy seems so easy but it is so effective, the texts are great, Armstrong and Jordan send big messages with little words. and messages like: Write the future, become legendary and Just Do It have so much power.

So Just Do It

-Marcel Vos


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